Messages from Jesus and the Celestial Angels



We are pleased to present to you a collection of highly important messages delivered through a chosen instrument,James E. Padgett, by way of automatic writing during the years of 1914 through 1923 from Jesus and his host of Celestial Angels.

These extremely enlightened messages give us many insights into the spiritual truths of life after death.

Indeed, many of the messages come from Jesus of the Bible, Master of the Celestial Heavens, who relays to us that these profound writings actually represent his Second Coming to earth.

He further goes on to state that the true foundation of Christianity is the Heavenly Father's Divine Love and not his blood sacrifice on the cross as the writers of the Bible interpolated ideas taken from other religions of the time.

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Jesus True Mission

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I am here, Jesus.

My truths are plain and my teachings can be understood by the simple. Any religion which requires the exercise of the mental faculties to an extent greater than what is required in the ordinary affairs of life, cannot be a true religion; because God has designed that all his children shall understand His truths without the necessity of having a highly developed mind.

He that runs may understand my teachings and it will not be necessary for any preacher or teacher to explain them. My language will explain itself. So let not your mind be troubled over the question as to whether only the mentally developed can understand what I may write - the truths are for all.

So with all my love I am,
Your brother and friend,

The Spirit of a man is the Lamp of the Lord, searching all the inner depths of his heart.