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The Founders Ministry

James Padgett,      Eugene Morgan,      Leslie Stone,     Daniel Samuels,   John Paul Gibson

Mr. James Edward Padgett, a prominent Washington D.C. Attorney, was able to receive over five thousand messages from the Spirit World during the years of 1914 until his passing in 1923.

After his passing, Padgett's friend and associate, Mr. Eugene Morgan, who also possessed the gift of automatic writing, continued the work of receiving messages until his passing four years later.

Dr. Stone then became the custodian of all the original writings that were received by Mr. Padgett and Mr. Morgan. He then commenced the monumental task of transcribing and publishing the messages. Once he determined which ones were the most important he then published his first edition in 1940, which he titled "Messages From Jesus and the Celestials" then in 1941, he published another book which he titled "The True Gospel Revealed Again From Jesus."

The second publication in 1950 was titled "Book of Truths" as well as "Messages From Jesus and Celestials, volume two."

In the 1950's Jesus selected another pen and hand instrument, a professor of Journalism Dr. Daniel G. Samuels. Jesus used his gift to reveal to us that it was the Old Testament or rather the Talmud that he studied prior to his public ministry. The messages are given as sermons presented to us as the "76 Sermons of the Old Testament."

It was during the 1960's the title for the messages were published under a new name "True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus.

With the passing of Dr. Leslie R. Stone in January 1967 Dr. Daniel Samuels and John Paul Gibson became the custodians until their passing in the fall of 1982.

The Spirit of a man is the Lamp of the Lord, searching all the inner depths of his heart.